11 Absolute Best Assets to Buy in Your 20s 2024 Guide


For this reason, many people will also have a traditional brokerage account that they can access more freely if needed. But you don’t need to have the next big idea to start a successful business. There are many small businesses that can make a fortune by completing basic tasks and services that people need. Don’t forget about the expenses a rental home https://1investing.in/ can cost, however. Whenever you analyze a potential deal, you’ll want to think about costs like property management, repairs, vacancy costs, and other expenses that come with owning a home. If you’re looking to start investing and don’t want to do a ton of research, investing in a simple index fund is a tremendous option that I would highly recommend.

Eight multi-asset model portfolio series earn Morningstar Medalist Ratings of Gold. Even if your side hustle only makes a couple of hundred dollars each month – this income can be invested into compound interest accounts to make even more in the future. Whether you get a new job, ask for a raise, or start a side hustle – increasing your income and making more money can be a great way to strengthen your financial future. Between home repairs like a new roof, HVAC unit, landscaping, and other random expenses, it can be somewhat expensive to own a home. It’s still arguably a strong investment to grow your money, however.

His work has appeared in numerous respected finance outlets, including CNBC, the Fox Business Network, the Wall Street Journal digital network, USA Today and CNN Money. In a high interest rate environment, bond funds can be a challenging asset because they tend to fall when principal value rates go up. This is because old bonds that pay 2% are naturally less attractive than newer bonds that pay 3% or more, and are discounted by investors as a result.

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  4. Investing in individual stocks can be a great way to build wealth — if you have the time and knowledge to do it right.
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  6. Because these funds are comprised of stocks, they’ll fluctuate much more than safer kinds of investments.

Election years tend to be positive ones for stocks, but not always. When the tech bubble burst two decades ago the S&P 500 lost 9% in 2000, and went on to lose another 12% in 2001, and 22% in 2002. This investment may seem like stating the obvious, but there are some dismal statistics on retirement savings that make it worth emphasizing. According to a 2019 report by the Federal Reserve, 26% of Americans have no retirement savings at all, including 13% of those 60 and older. Meanwhile, a 2019 survey by GoBankingRates revealed that 64% of Americans will retire with $10,000 or less. This despite the warnings from the financial media about the importance of saving for retirement.

One thing we can count on is that 2020 won’t be exactly like 2019. And let’s also not forget that not only will 2020 be a new year, but it’s also the start of a new decade. If you prefer a hands-off approach, you can open an account with a robo-advisor that automatically creates an appropriate portfolio for you. Or you could choose alternative investments, such as real estate. Just as owning the right investments will help you reach your financial goals, where you invest can be just as important. Many people, especially newer investors, don’t consider the tax consequences of their investments, which can leave you short of your financial goals.

Many reputable banks offer some excellent high-yield certificates of deposit (CDs) that pay guaranteed yields for anywhere from a few months to five years or more. Unlike savings accounts, CDs can allow you to lock in a specific yield for a set period. To put returns like this into perspective, a $10,000 investment compounded at 10% for 30 years would grow to nearly $175,000.

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Next, it’s natural to assess a mutual fund’s track record, and to favor those with strong average growth rates. Tread carefully there, though, and look at each year’s return, because one unusually strong (or weak) year can give a fund a somewhat misleadingly positive (or negative) average. Avoid rushing your dollars into any fund that was a top performer in the past year, too, because that reflects just a thin slice of time. The median annual fee (“expense ratio”) for stock mutual funds was recently 1.16%, per the Investment Company Institute, with plenty of them charging more than 2%. Meanwhile, the subset of stock index funds sported a median of 0.33%. That alone goes a long way toward explaining why index funds outperform.

What are the best ETFs to invest in 2020?

Additionally, if you’re capable of growing a business, you can eventually sell it for a nice profit. While there are many assets to buy in your 20s that can be easily bought or sold, a business is slightly more unique. Websites can make a significant amount of money each month and become an amazing stream of passive income over time. In a few more years I have no doubt it will be a tremendous investment that I’m glad I was able to make. For example, if you find a home that will cost you $1,000 a month and you believe you can rent it for $1,300 a month – you might be lucky to break even after the costs listed above.

But as a long-term investment, the growth potential these firms provide cannot be denied. And with nearly 170 total positions, there’s enough diversification that FOCPX can afford to swing and miss a few times along the way. Investors keen on gaining exposure to established and stable companies that have staying power in any market environment will want to check out the Fidelity Growth & Income Portfolio (FGRIX, $52.07).

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While the competition is stiff, it’s possible to make well over 6 figures from your business by completing weekly mowings, landscape work, and much more. Starting and growing a successful business will require a unique combination of skills and hard work – and there are no guarantees. As the internet continues to evolve and brands look for ways to connect with their audience, social media can become more and more valuable and a great way to make money online. REITs are some of the best assets you can own because of their stability and I highly recommend them. While you might be tempted to purchase a new car, a nicer home, or spend money on luxurious clothes – this can lead you down a terrible path on your financial journey. It’s this last category that’s particularly interesting to many investors, as FOCPX holds a stake in firms like social media platform Reddit.

In 2020, the company’s stock soared higher after the price of bitcoin hit $30,000 in December. The best Nasdaq index funds charge a low expense ratio, and they’re a cheap way to own all the companies in the index. Bankrate’s AdvisorMatch can connect you to a CFP® professional to help you achieve your financial goals. We are an independent, advertising-supported comparison service. Get timely investing news and information delivered to your inbox from Forbes Investing Digest. Partly due to a campaign by respected activist ValueAct Capital, the company’s board is more assertively tackling the company’s problems.

This mutual fund includes stocks such as energy major Exxon Mobil (XOM), big bank Wells Fargo (WFC) and industrial conglomerate General Electric (GE) among its top holdings right now. If you’re looking for the simplest way to invest in the U.S. stock market, many investors gravitate to the S&P 500 Index of the 500 largest companies on Wall Street. And the Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX, $155.07), like many similar index funds out there, is benchmarked to this fixed list of large-cap stocks.

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Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new form of investment vehicle. Popular examples include Bitcoin (BTC 3.34%) and Ethereum (ETH 1.45%). If you have knowledge of cryptocurrencies, they can be incorporated into a diversified investment portfolio. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to invest in real estate, many of which best asset to invest in 2020 are much more passive than actually becoming a landlord, such as real estate investment trusts (REITs). Starting investing can be rather intimidating, and one of the biggest reasons is that many people don’t know what they can invest in or how to get started. Investing involves buying assets to generate profits over time.

The only way to remain relevant in your occupation is to keep yourself and your skills on the cutting edge. By investing in yourself, you’ll be prepared for either outcome. It may also be that you see no serious future in your current job or occupation.

But what if you don’t have to be beholden to a fixed rate and instead can invest in instruments where the interest rate “floats” based on the market environment? That’s what the Fidelity Floating Rate High Income Fund (FFRHX, $6.96) offers. About 4,300 different bonds that make up the current portfolio, providing incredible diversity across the holdings that also adds to the stability of this top Fidelity mutual fund. If you’re not afraid of a bit more risk or a bias toward the technology sector, the Fidelity Select Semiconductors Portfolio (FSELX, $22.90) is one of the oldest tech-driven mutual funds out there. With almost 40 years of trading under its belt, this multi-billion fund is well-established despite its very focused flavor.

Of course, balanced funds can’t offer the same returns over time that stock funds do; stocks outperform bonds over most time periods, as a reward for their additional volatility. But the 60/40 portfolio has generally done a good job over time of producing solid risk-adjusted returns. Generally speaking, stocks, stock-based ETFs, and mutual funds are most appropriate for people who won’t need their money anytime soon. On the other hand, fixed-income investments are best suited for investors whose primary goal is preserving their capital.

It’s common to receive anywhere from 7% to 10% annually from your investments with an index fund. One of the top ETFs to invest in 2020, the iShares growth ETF (IWO) seeks to track the performance of the Russell 2000 Growth Index. And from an income perspective, the yield is more than four times that of the S&P 500. In other words, you’ll have a much more generous payout rate that could make the higher risk profile worth it if you’re in pursuit of bigger paydays. Taking a slightly different approach than the Fidelity 500 Index Fund is the Fidelity Large Cap Growth Index Fund (FSPGX, $26.94). However, FSPGX takes a more growth-oriented approach, pursuing companies with expanding sales and profits over established, slow-and-steady value stocks that might not have as much growth ahead of them.